Darrin Patrick : The Dude's Guide to Marriage STUDY GUIDE

The Dude's Guide to Marriage STUDY GUIDE

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November 3, 2015



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When my son is frustrated and gives into that inner critical voice that says, “you can’t do this,” I tell him:

You can do the work, but you’ve got to work.

Husbands, that’s my encouragement and challenge for you right now. If you are anything like me, it shouldn’t take too long for you to think of some (or many) points of frustration in your marriage. Your wife might be making you painfully aware of them.

But listen, she is not looking for mastery, but movement. She’s been around you long enough to know you are a flawed and imperfect husband. Are you pressing through the pain or are you pulling away? Are you doing the work? This study guide is a great way for you to move towards your wife. It is designed for you to put all of the skills found in The Dude’s Guide to Marriage into play. In each chapter of this guide, you will examine yourself and engage your wife to initiate positive change in your marriage.

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What people are saying about The Dude's Guide to Marriage...

"The Dude’s Guide to Marriage provides for us a beautiful real-life picture of what a marriage centered on the gospel looks like amidst the daily grind of life."

— Matt Chandler, Author of The Mingling of Souls

"Darrin Patrick has an amazing ability to equip and motivate men to everything God created them to be. The Dude’s Guide to Marriage is practical, biblical, motivational and perhaps most important — doable for any man who wants to love his wife well."

— Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor of LifeChurch.tv, Author of From This Day Forward: Five Commitments to Fail-Proof Your Marriage

“Darrin and Amie’s transparency is refreshing and their good-humored, blunt counsel is gold. Dude, if you’re going to read one book on marriage, read this one."

— Jon Bloom, Co-founder & Chair, Desiring God

“With refreshing candor and real-world wisdom, Darrin & Amie Patrick reveal the attitudes and skills that will make any husband, a better husband – and any marriage, a better marriage. I encourage you to read it. Carefully. You’ll be glad you did. So will your wife."

— Larry Osborne, Author and Pastor, North Coast Church

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