Darrin Patrick : The Dude's Guide to Manhood Study Guide

The Dude's Guide to Manhood Study Guide

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May 26, 2014



About the Book    About the Author

In The Dude’s Guide to Manhood, pastor, author and dude Darrin Patrick charts a course back toward real manliness, mapping out a vision to help men find significance and influence in today’s broken, mixed-message culture. Revealing his own frailties and missteps, Darrin doesn’t preach at you but walks with you on a journey toward healing and wholeness. Filled with timeless wisdom, accessible insights and practical guidance, The Dude’s Guide issues an encouraging and doable call to all men, whatever your age or stage. We need not settle for wandering aimlessly through our days, wounded, weak, and passive. Instead, we can get back on the trail, embrace our gifts while facing our imperfections, and trust the God of new beginnings to lead us into all that we are destined to become: forgiven, connected, determined, teachable, content, heroic, and so much more.

This study guide is here to help you face reality. Darrin's goal in writing The Dude’s Guide was to provide a practical vision for manhood. This study guide has been written to stress the everyday realities of growth as men.

As stressed throughout The Dude’s Guide, one of the issues plaguing men is their own isolation. Rediscovering true manhood for ourselves occurs as we relate to other men. This study guide can certainly be used for personal study, but Darrin's hope is that groups of men will gather to pursue growth together through this material.

Editorial Reviews

What people are saying about The Dude's Guide to Manhood...

We don't need more boys, we need real men. Strong, godly, mature men. This book shows us that we can become stronger and stronger as we allow God to shape us in our weakness. It’s sad to say that we even need a Dude's Guide to Manhood, but we do.

- Willie Robertson, Executive Producer of Duck Dynasty


This book doesn't beat you down with all the ways we have failed as men but
rather lays out a compelling call to walk in God’s good design for us.

- Matt Chandler, Lead pastor of teaching at the Village Church and author of The Explicit Gospel


Men need to be challenged and equipped. That is exactly what Darrin has
done in this short, readable book. I am going to use this book in my own
life and in the life of the men I want to influence for Christ.

- Adam Wainwright, MLB all-star and pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals


Many men have no map for growing up, loving their wives, fathering their
children, and excelling at their jobs. They are doing the best they can,
but are falling short. The Dude’s Guide to Manhood helps men living in
the real world access the wisdom they need to live the life they've
always wanted.

- Rick Warren, Saddleback Church


This book is for men who are tired of the status quo. This book is for men who
want to get better. We need a guide and this book can help men trust God
and navigate the path before them with wisdom. From the moment I
encountered Darrin Patrick several years ago in a random chapel service,
I have found his guidance and intuitiveness to be life changing. I think you will too.

- Steven Jackson, NFL Running Back


This book is worth the price for the table of contents. Seriously, God did
something quite personal for me before I got any further.

- John Piper, Founder and Teacher of DesiringGod.org


I have personally benefited from Darrin Patrick's influence on me both
with the Cardinals and at The Journey. What excites me most is that I
will get to share the wisdom from this book with my three boys whom I
desperately want to be the men that God created them to be.

- Matt Holliday, Six time MLB all-star left fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals

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