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Allison Vesterfelt, Donald Miller, Jeff Goins

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Perhaps you've been blogging for awhile now but you feel like you're not making any progress. You've done everything you know how to do to "grow your platform" but it just doesn't feel like enough. Maybe blogging isn't for you, you have thought to yourself.

Maybe blogging is dead. Maybe there's just too much noise.

Or maybe—just maybe—you've been looking at blogging the wrong way. That's the suggestion Darrell Vestefelt makes in this book. He shares his journey from traffic-hungry blogger to fulfilled storyteller; and talks about how he learned to change the world when he stopped focusing on "changing the world' and began focusing on changing himself.

You are a powerful force. You have a necessary voice. But will the world ever hear that voice or experience your power?

Not necessarily, unless you learn to become an unblogger.

The answer isn't to to give up blogging. But the answer is to become an unblogger, a person of any profession, passion, or background who cares more about their internal life than they do their external one. They may blog, or they may not. They may have a huge platform or they may have no online presence at all. Either way, an unblogger is a person who cares less about an audience than they do about themselves.

Are you an unblogger?

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