Darcia Helle : Quiet Fury: An Anthology of Suspense

Quiet Fury: An Anthology of Suspense

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James Patterson, Lee Child, John Sanford, Harlan Coben

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October 2011



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Quiet Fury is a state of being that we’ve all experienced; calm on the surface, rage bubbling underneath. For most of us, that is a brief moment. Restraint takes over. We grumble and walk away. Some allow the rage to marinate until they are consumed. They cross the line, seek revenge, retribution. Or is it satisfaction?

These stories explore each individual’s breaking point. Which will win, the Quiet or the Fury?

Stories include:

  1. Shades of Gray
  2. You Can Call Me Ari
  3. Out For A Good Time
  4. Tiny Dancer
  5. Wilted Brown Eyes
  6. Mad Scientist
  7. The First Kill
  8. Marietta’s Cats
  9. The Sound of Silence
  10. I Didn’t Know His Name
  11. Falling

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