Dan Taylor : Gritty Kitty: Half Past Curfew

Gritty Kitty: Half Past Curfew

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Children & Teens, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Suzanne Collins, Hugh Howey, Rick Yancey

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18 pages



Publication Date

March 2014



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The City—an immense megalopolis of urban sprawl that stretches far and wide horizontally as well as towering and lofty vertically. Within the dichotomy of the soaring Spires and the deep Downs, Kitty Kane leads a double-life. As the only daughter of Commissioner Kurt Kane she is an influential socialite among the upper echelon who live privileged lives amid the Spires. But, far below among the downtrodden that dwell within the Downs she is a lethal street samurai, a vigilante, a mercenary known as the Gritty Kitty.

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