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Parenting With Purpose

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Parenting, Religion & Spirituality

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Gary Chapman, John Gray, Bill Johnson

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Parenting With Purpose is a wealth of wisdom compiled by various Christian leaders to help you bring the Kingdom of God to your children! As you read, you will discover ways of thinking, practical skills and revelations to help you raise connected & powerful children. It's truly a resource that you may never come across in your search for parenting help elsewhere.

Contributors to this book include:

  • Bill Johnson, Author of When Heaven Invades Earth & Senior leader of Bethel ChurchWm.
  • Paul Young, Author of The Shack, Cross Roads & Eve.
  • Danny Silk, Author of Loving Our Kids on Purpose & Keep Your Love On
  • Kris Vallotton, Author of Fashioned to Reign
  • Shawn Bolz, Author of Translating God
  • Dr. Kirk Elliott, CEO of J2911 Holdings

  • And More...

The book explores a variety of parenting topics and hacks, such as:

  • Moving out of controlling your child and into creating real & lasting connection with them...
  • Raising kids with the mentality & courage to change the world around them...
  • The most authentic way to "train our kids in the way they should go...
  • "Helping your kids develop healthy sexuality...
  • And more...

Curated by Danny Silk, a four-time author on the ways of parenting, relationships & leadership, this resource is a lifeline for any parent unsure of how to best raise emotionally, spiritually and relationally healthy kids.

Download now to start parenting with purpose!

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