Danielle Shaub : Thrive: Learning to Love When I Do & Real Life Collide

Thrive: Learning to Love When I Do & Real Life Collide

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Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement

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Jen Hatmaker, Sarah Bessey, Danny Silk

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As Danielle Shaub and her husband approached their third wedding anniversary, she couldn’t help but wonder if it would be their last. Like many marriages, they began their journey filled with hope, big dreams and so much love for one another. So what happened? Their marriage encountered ‘real life’. They were completely unprepared for their love story to transition into a life that could tackle the everyday trials and pressures that couples face.

Danielle and her husband made a decision to rebuild their relationship, and throughout the process she found herself tackling tough subjects and constantly asking herself “Why does no one talk about this?!” Through revealing her real-life experiences, Danielle invites readers into her story and boldly opens up on marital subjects rarely discussed. Daily necessities such as: learning to fight fair, finding time for intimacy, boundaries with family, nothing is left untouched. Danielle’s writing is refreshingly honest and hilariously clever as she shares the revelations that helped reform their marriage. Filled with engaging stories and relatable examples, her message is for everyone from the newly engaged, to the couple asking, ‘how did we get here?’ Thrive is the story of how one couple stopped trying to survive their marriage and instead chose to thrive.

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