Dan Davis : White Wind Rising: A Steampunk Adventure Series

White Wind Rising: A Steampunk Adventure Series

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Children & Teens, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Anne Rice, Philip Pullman, Barry Sadler, Angie Sage, Lindsay Buroker

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Archer has lived his entire life in the Vale. No one has ever left. No one even knows what lies outside. No one but the Alchemist.

There is great power inside Archer, an elemental power straining to be unleashed. He knows that he can save the Vale from tyranny. First, he just has to escape the Alchemist’s Tower....

There are others prisoners. The learned girl called Writer who has an affinity for water. The angry, hard Weaver who has always needed the earth beneath her feet. And a sweet boy called Keeper who can make fire dance across his skin. A handy skill for the Keeper of the Dragon. Escape is only the beginning.

The new friends must face magic storms, enchanted wolves in the Moon Forest and an English redcoat, bristling with pistols and muskets. Only together will they stand a chance of making it home. What they discover will change the Vale - and all England - forever.

White Wind Rising is the amazing first instalment in this steampunk adventure novel series. This is a fantasy series for all ages featuring elemental magic, alchemy, dragons, balloon flight and epic flintlock fantasy battles. So grab the first book right now!

Editorial Reviews

"My 11 year old son is an avid reader and he loved this book. His favourite books include Skullduggery Pleasant, the Alex Rider series and Percy Jackson. He said this book was just as gripping and read it within a couple of days." -- Kindle Reviewer

"I loved the way the author took Archer a young frightened boy and turned him into a strong hero. This author did a wonderful job of keeping you engaged throughout the story. I can't wait till the sequel." -- Kindle Reviewer

"Highly recommended... by an adult. Children will be enthralled." -- Kindle Reviewer

"I was not sure what to expect from this book but found that once I started reading I could not put it down. I got it to read to my son who is really enjoying it. Just could not stop myself from reading to the end as a chapter a night left me in too much suspense." -- Kindle Reviewer

"the very narrative of their reality is brought in to question, and a subtle play between history, magic and legend begins to unfold. Very much looking forward to future installments of this series." -- Kindle Reviewer

"Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I love the characters and the way the story has unfolded so far. The scenes are well described and I can't wait for book 2." -- Kindle Reviewer

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