Dan Burley : When I Met You (Anniversary Edition)

When I Met You (Anniversary Edition)

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Noir, Mystery, Hardboiled, Crime Fiction, Dramatic Fiction

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Hillard House

Publication Date

December 9th, 2017



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"You don't really mince words, do ya'?"

"No, I guess not."

"I like it. You'll probably be an excellent detective."

"I have to be. I owe someone."

Reggie Harper has lived a hard life.

A deep, personal loss in his childhood sent him down an obsessive, often taxing path to either become the best detective the state of New York ever saw, or die trying. No option for failure. No in-between. His brash tenacity propelled him through childhood, junior high, and high school before landing him at Adelphi University a few months shy of his 18th Birthday.

But raw intensity wears down any soul, no matter how hardened. Eventually, they need anchors to keep them grounded in the real world. They need a reprieve from life's insistence on heartache. They need something they can't pull from within. They need other people. Above all else, people need love, and Reggie Harper is no exception.

Enter Maryanne Hillard - a beautiful, kind-hearted journalism student. While recruiting for the school paper, Maryanne notices Reggie's eyes and his camera, and curiosity draws the two of them together like a magnet to steel. They quickly become enamored with one another in ways they never imagined possible.

But there's always trouble around the corner...

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