Dana Stabenow : Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

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Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell, demoted and reassigned to the remote bush town of Newenham, literally steps off the plane into a murder scene. Dealing with death is never simple, but when the woman leaning over the body proves to be Liam's old flame, it’s evident that his new job is about to become much more complicated. Of course, small town tensions tend to simmer just beneath the surface, and murder, once done, has a tendency to happen again.

“What were you intending to do with Mr. Engebretsen, Bill?”

They both regarded the bound man for a moment. The bar watched and waited in silence. “Well,” Bill said finally, “I was thinking about supergluing his shooting hand to one cheek of his ass and his other hand around a beer bottle.”

Liam stared. She appeared to be absolutely serious. He opened his mouth, and she said, “He drinks too much, does Teddy. I’m not totally unfeeling—the bottle of beer will be a full one, but after it’s gone, that’s it.”

“I like it,” the Old Fart said, and grinned evilly when Teddy’s eyes bulged over the edge of the gag.

“Or we could just shoot him,” she said, and raised the .30-06 to work the action. She gave a satisfied nod. “Plenty of ammunition. Course at this distance I really only need one.”

This is the first novel in Stabenow's popular Liam Campbell series.

Editorial Reviews

"This wonderful series start from the Edgar Award-winning author of the Kate Shugak mysteries is full of raucous action, complicated characters, evocative scenery, and inventive plot. Highly recommended." — Library Journal

"In his reflective moments, the quietly charming Campbell resembles Stephen Dobyns' Charlie Bradshaw. A series to watch." — John Rowen, Booklist

"Stabenow, author of the Edgar-winning Kate Shugak series, masterfully traces the twisting life of Alaska State Trooper Liam Campbell in this series debut [...] Happily, this much mayhem has rarely been in surer literary hands." — Publisher's Weekly

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