Dalton Frey : The Darkest Light

The Darkest Light

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Alexandre Dumas, Leo Tolstoy, Paulo Coelho, Suzanne Collins, Harper Lee

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After embracing the terrible notion that all living things must die, a conflicted man by the name of Rasck attempts to eradicate all of life by using a physics-altering power called Soula. Endeavoring to remove pain from the world, he sets out on a hallowed mission to systematically destroy all he can. In doing so, his influence and power grow as he amasses a strong following of people called the Falling Sun, wages successful genocide, and precipitates worldwide conflict. In response, Deceus, a charismatic and historical figure, and Zarra, a member of a vigilante group called the Fearnaughts, rise to challenge him and reinstate meaning in life. As the two opposing forces travel across torn lands, the contrast between their visions is explored through their imaginations, attempts to understand one another, and mind-altering confrontations. In the end, The Darkest Light is a human story that exemplifies the power of our beliefs, feelings, and efforts as sentient enigmas.

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