Dale Barr : YOU'VE GOT THIS! (a five-day downloadable sampler)

YOU'VE GOT THIS! (a five-day downloadable sampler)

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Dale Barr

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Let's start with what this book is not.

YOU'VE GOT THIS! is not a diet book. In fact, when it comes to the fundamentals of weight loss, most of us are already quite savvy. For the most part, we know what to do (and what not to do) in terms of exercise and healthy eating.

So what you don't need, dear readers, is another diet book.

What you need is a mindset resource. Something to help you get your head in the weight-loss game so you can win it once and for all.

In YOU’VE GOT THIS!, Dale Barr, a certified health and wellness coach, shares inspiration and motivation to help you shift your mindset and make lifestyle changes that “stick” during the first 30 days of your weight-loss journey. Arranged as daily doses of guidance, YOU’VE GOT THIS! addresses the most common pitfalls encountered by anyone trying to lose weight and offers tools to manage the associated emotions so that you can stay the course.

Think of this book as a bedside companion and your personal coach. By addressing the often overlooked mindset element required for sustainable weight loss, YOU'VE GOT THIS! will show you that the impossible can become possible once you put your Mind to it.

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