C.S. Woolley : Shroud of Darkness (The Chronicles of Celadmore: Book 4)

Shroud of Darkness (The Chronicles of Celadmore: Book 4)

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Travel & Adventure

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J.R.R. Tolkien, Jo Nesbo, Raymond E. Fiest, Raymond Chandler, George R.R. Martin

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Mightier Than the Sword UK

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Four years after the Dragonian Wars raged across the realm of Celadmore, leaving it ravaged and ruined; Venetia, Queen of one of the five Anaguran tribes has seen evil lurking once more. She led the Allied Spirit of Celadmore to victory against the tyrant, Dragonious, but the world has changed. Politics, deception and mistrust have separated the old alliances so now each nation stands alone. It is up to Venetia to unite not only the five tribes of Anagura, but all the peoples of Celadmore to fight against an unseen enemy that threatens to destroy the peace that she has fought so hard to achieve.

Editorial Reviews

A fantasy book series that shows great promise.

The world is already well formed from the outset giving the reader a sense that they are entering a place they can explore and discover the history and different cultures of without compromising the story line.

The writing is wonderfully engaging even for readers who don't enjoy the fantasy genre. It is captivating from the first chapter and makes the reader want to discover more of what is happening. The plot is somewhat simple in of itself, however the beauty of the books comes from the complexity that comes from the smaller sub plots of the minor and major characters' lives as the book progresses.

This volume can be read without having read the first two books as it begins a new story arc of the series with a new set of characters.

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