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Religion & Spirituality, Fiction & Literature

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Frank Viola, John Freeman, Eric Ludy, Jamie Oliver

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170 pages




Stembridge Mill

Publication Date

February 6, 2013



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An elderly man stepped into view outside the window, heading towards the door. Right on time. “He’s here,” he said... Austin grabbed a glass and gave it to Ryan. “Root beer, fill ‘er up. Think you’re probably an expert on the soda fountain by now.”

Ryan chuckled.

“Oh, and not too much ice,” Austin added with a glance towards the opening front door...

The elderly man stepped inside. He walked with a cane—which almost never touched the floor—and wore jeans with a button-down short sleeve shirt. A charcoal-black ivy hat topped his greying hair. He sat down on the barstool next to the register, hung his cane on the counter, and set down his hat.

Ryan walked over. He pushed a glass across the counter towards the newcomer. “I think this is for you.”

The man peered down into the bubbling root beer, inspecting it. He ran a finger up the side of the glass. There was a lot of condensation.


Though certainly not a hermit, if there ever could be one in the urban expanse that is New York City, then Mr. Jim would have been it. When a new waiter is hired on at the diner he frequents, the status quo changes a bit — especially when he realizes that this teenager is a connection to an old friend from the past.

What happens from there, no one would have guessed.

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