Chad Stembridge : Guys in the Kitchen

Guys in the Kitchen

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Cooking , Health

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Frank Viola, John Freeman, Eric Ludy, Jamie Oliver

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Stembridge Mill

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19 September 2014



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Cooking: the application of fire to food.

That’s really what cooking is all about. For some reason, it’s become complicated — and guys have either fled, or been banished, from the kitchen. But food is simple, it really is. It brings people together. Sometimes the methods have to be mastered, but they’re not mysteries. And the kitchen is definitely not off-limits for guys.

This is a manifesto for real men, inspiration for anyone afraid of iron skillets, and encouragement for guys who believe their existence hangs on the microwave.

This is it: Guys in the Kitchen.

Filled with delicious images and an entertaining style, Guys in the Kitchen is a quick and easy read — but one that may change how you view food and cooking.

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