Craig Davis : A Time for Poncey — And other Stories out of Skullbone

A Time for Poncey — And other Stories out of Skullbone

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Religion & Spirituality, Fiction & Literature

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C.S. Lewis, Flannery O'Connor, J.R.R. Tolkien, Frederick Buechner, Cormac McCarthy

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71,000 words


St. Celibart Press

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"Fears and ambitions tangled together in his mind until he no longer knew what to desire, what there was in the world — good or ill, or that born of whatever twisted conspiracy is struck between the two — worth the price of his heart." Life follows a mysterious path for Poncey S. Muldoon, as he finds a treasure buried since the Civil War ... as his dog Judas helps teach town bully Bobby Roach a lesson ... as his best friend Marlin MacLenoly adopts a stray peacock that barely escaped becoming an entree at a failing restaurant. For residents of the small Southern town of Skullbone, the days unfold in always fascinating and always pointless ways through these entertaining and insightful stories.

Editorial Reviews

A touch of the unusual can revolutionize our perspectives of the world. "A Time for Poncey — And other Stories out of Skullbone" ... touches on the nature of Southern Gothic culture and exploring our world through a metaphysical lens, providing strange humor and thought equally.

— Midwest Book Review

"As Poncey says in the first story, "I have to count." However, Poncey dosn't have to count — or in terms of the government census, he both counts and doesn't count. Read and enjoy Craig Davis' riffs with Poncey, that is La Ponchartrain S. Muldoon, as he travels the road of vanity and illumination."

— Walton Padelford, Ph.D., "Bonhoeffer and Business Ethics"

"A Time for Poncey" is a masterpiece of Southern Gothic writing ... you will enjoy these stories and wish to read them again and again. Mr. Davis' honest portrayal of Southern life across the years, and the unique characters that inhabit these stories, will inspire warm feelings of nostalgia; uproarious laughter; heartfelt introspection; and spiritual insight that make this work an entertaining read for absolutly everyone."

— Jim Wilhelm

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