Gene Kendall : Yeah, Shut Up.

Yeah, Shut Up.

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Humor, Fiction

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Charles R. Cross, Nick Hornby, Larry Hama

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It’s a story of loyalty and redemption, set against the death of the music industry. Poor thing.

In the previous century, young kids deluded themselves into thinking "musician" was a viable career path. Follow two kids from Who Cares, Alabama as they form a band, experience their big break, release an album, and disappear into obscurity. All the fun you'd ever hope to find in a fictitious account of a 1990s alt-rock band almost going mainstream. If you still think you missed the train to Mars, if you miss the lands of green and skies of blue, this could be the novel for you.

Editorial Reviews

Five Star Review:

Written against the backdrop of a alternative rock band ALMOST making it during the 1990s, Yeah, Shut Up is really the story of that difficult
to predict transition from "getting older" to actually "becoming an
adult." In this novel, Kendall does an excellent job showing that
transition with his protagonists...It's an enjoyable ride throughout.

Brian J. Cronin, author of "Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent?"

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