Cody Cook : A Second Adam

A Second Adam

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Thomas Oden, Edward Fudge, Dennis F. Kinlaw, Athanasius of Alexandria

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The idea of Jesus initiating a second humanity and new creation by His incarnation, death, and resurrection is an important but often undervalued emphasis in the New Testament (especially in Paul) and in patristic theology (particularly in Irenaeus). In A Second Adam, Cody Cook presents this doctrine, called Recapitulation, as a biblical, ancient, and ecumenical model of the atonement which is simultaneously more balanced than the more popular models while also getting us to their most important insights.Christus Victor, Satisfaction, Penal Substitutionary, Liberation, and theosis models of soteriology are shown to be imbalanced when taken as central models, but can all be held in harmony when starting from Recapitulation. This model is shown to have great promise for future ecumenical dialogue as well as for challenging the imbalances of all of the major Christian traditions.

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