C. Michael Lorion : Totem (Book 1: Scars)

Totem (Book 1: Scars)

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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430 pages




CML Publishing

Publication Date

April 6, 2014



About the Book    About the Author

It’s Monday, February 6, and the blizzard of ’78 descends upon the quiet city of Old Wachusett, Massachusetts. Achak and Kimi, two people from a different time, come back to the land their tribe once inhabited, both searching for the Totem and its unknown power. One seeks revenge for a past massacre while the other, regardless of the personal cost, is determined to save the people of Old Wachusett.

Totem (Book 1: Scars) is the first installment in a trilogy that will span one year in the fight for the survival of the inhabitants, both present and past, of Old Wachusett.

Editorial Reviews

"Lorion masterfully presents thestories of his characters and quickly has the reader involved and
invested in Old Wachusett, a town whose ancient roots seem to be
gathering for an assault on its modern-day inhabitants. His characters
are flawed and human and their stories are the tapestry in which his
tale of ancient horror is woven." Jack Magnus for ReadersFavorite.com

"He wrote like a polished, seasoned author. I would never have known that this was his first book. This is definitely an author to watch out
for. I'll be getting book II as soon as it is available." Greg at

"Some times, things seemed like they were going one way, but then another layer was added to the storyline that shifted the direction or
completely altered what I thought was going to happen. I'm very curious
about where the story is going to go next." Once Upon a Dream Books

"C. Michael Lorion uses words like a maestro uses his orchestra, with expertly timed crescendos and those soft notes just
before the ominous tones of danger. More character driven than action
driven, each character becomes human-like with their mental and verbal
dialogue, while beautifully detailed scenes become three dimensional as I
felt I was being strategically placed within the story." Tome Tender

"When I finished this book I wanted more! This book (the first in the series) should be on your “must read” list. I highly recommend Totem:
Book 1 Scars." ebookmybook.com

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