Claire Doyle : Mother Road

Mother Road

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Travel & Adventure, Fiction & Literature

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John Fante, Charles Bukowski, Raymond Chandler ?

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Where the Law of Attraction meets the War on Terroir.

Frustrated writer Laura McLove finds the ideal way to avoid writer’s block–a younger man. Leon–flaxen hair, eyes of cornflowers, lips for kissing, a French wine expert and rugged traveller. Laura manipulates her way onto Leon’s US road trip using the law of attraction. But what about her great debut novel? And does she get the guy?

If you like your romantic fiction without the romance, and your literary fiction from the school of Fante and Bukowski, this is an unashamed how-the-hell-to-become-a-writer novel. Not from the pen of another bright–and male–young thing. No! This is a full-on, hormonal literary reclamation from a woman making damned sure she gets in on the action.

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