Claire Diaz-Ortiz : The Better Life Challenge

The Better Life Challenge

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June 1, 2015



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Little Ways to Be You at Your Best, Right Where You AreFrom the can-do entrepreneur Claire Diaz-Ortiz comes The Better Life, a motivational memoir about how little changes make all the difference. Pulled from that book, The Better Life Challenge offers ten days of wisdom for improving your life little by little.

In winsome style, Claire coaches readers with vignettes from her uncommon life. A top-level Twitter employee, world traveler, author, non-profit founder, and mom, Claire tries to make the most of every moment. She shares action steps and reflections on balance, productivity, self-care, and other essentials for rocking it at life every day.

Take some advice from Claire: Say yes. Say no. Quit something. Take your mornings seriously. Make your weekends count. Write more. Worry less. Travel. Pray. Pause. Rest. Know your limits. Do Hatchi Patchi. Don't beat yourself up. Be still. Be thankful. Be you, but your best.

Start living the better life you've been meaning to.

Editorial Reviews

Practical, witty, intelligent, and a well-articulated read, The Better Life wooed me toward the kind of journey I love-a simple, focused, meaningful life.

Mary DeMuth, author of The Wall Around Your Heart

I can't say enough great things about The Better Life. Each chapter had me nodding my head and having an aha moment. Claire Diaz-Ortiz has such a wide array of expertise. We all benefit from her wisdom with this book. From productivity to increased happiness to finding time for yourself, I loved the gentle reminders and wisdom she shares. This is a book you will read again and again.

Alli Worthington, chief operating officer of Propel Women and author of Breaking Busy

Sometimes we forget that the moments that allow us to feel fully alive aren't found in what we accomplish but who we become. In The Better Life, Claire reminds us that those moments are still possible and inspires us to make them ours, new once again.

Bonnie Gray, author of Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to Rest

Claire is a force of nature-brilliant, compassionate, unstoppable. And this book, The Better Life, is her manifesto on living well.

John Sowers, author of The Heroic Path

I read The Better Life in one sitting-and it made me want to be a better person. Claire's words are wise, transparent, and practical. They breathe hope into souls inundated with information and overloaded with pressure. They offer rest to the weary heart. Highly recommended.

Emily T. Wierenga, founder of The Lulu Tree and author of six books including the memoir Making It Home

Claire Diaz-Ortiz is like a travel guide for life. Her stories and insights will give you a vision of where you want to go and practical steps that will help you get there. And the place you'll arrive at by the end of these pages will be more filled with joy, peace, and what truly matters to you.

Holley Gerth, bestselling author of You're Already Amazing

The Better Life is a super-motivating, practical, inspiring book that will help you live a more meaningful, intentional life without feeling overwhelmed. If you feel like you've been going through the motions and are aching to live out a better life, get this book stat!

Sarah Mae, author of Desperate and Longing for Paris

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