Cindy Amrhein : Historical Wyoming April 2010 Issue

Historical Wyoming April 2010 Issue

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Biographies, History

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True Crime, David Kent, Phillip Sugden, Truman Capote

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Wyoming County Historian's Office

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The following is a free issue of Historical Wyoming, a quarterly publication of the Wyoming County (NY) Historian's office where I am the County Historian. This is one of the sample issue of our quarterly. I wrote the lead story, Officer Fred T. Butler - He Always Got His Man, about an early 1900s rural police office who went above and beyond to catch a criminal.

**As a side note a subscription to Historical Wyoming is now $10.00 a year, not $7.50 as stated on the inside cover. A subscription is four issues, 28 pages, no advertisments published in January, April, July and October. **

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