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Happy Grey Hair

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J.R.R. Tolkien, Jack Kerouac, Lois Lowry

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One basic problem facing most rapidly developing countriesis the need to preserve good traditions and at the same time graft upon them. That is why in Africa, for example there are several cultural organizations; these encourage not only the local arts, but also widen the scope to include the arts of neighboring countries of Europe, and other part of the world. These organizations should not only focus on the arts which please the African mind generally, but they need to take to account that which appeals to the intellect and moral aspect of man. As a matter of fact, we traveled to six West-African countries to prepare our research. From our research we came up with a lot of information and we decided to put them in a simple play so it can be easily understood by all. It is our hope that this plays will be of interest to the general public and may help in a way to give a genuine impression that the various West African communities have many problems feelings and interests in common.

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