Chris V. Sullivan : How to save your relationship

How to save your relationship

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Romance, Self-Improvement

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How to Save Your Relationship: Even if Your Partner is Stubborn The Real Reason Your Partner is Stubborn about Fixing Your Relationship

...And how you can get past it to take action and find the loving, healthy life that you've been missing.

Within the pages of this free report, tried and true relationship advice will help you discover:

  • Why couples without realistic expectations have more problems - and how you can craft your future discussions around this simple fact.
  • Why a sexless relationship can make reconciliation harder and how to solve this problem by reigniting the passion in your marriage.
  • How to get past the "silent" treatment and facilitate open, honest communication from your partner.
  • How to think about trust and the world that you and your partner live in - what do you both need to make this work?
  • The root of all disagreements in a relationship, and why you may need the outside perspective of someone without bias to help put it in perspective.

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