Christina Beaman : Life Love Blood

Life Love Blood

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Suspense, Religion

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Stephenie Meyer, Iris Johanssen, Cassandra Clare

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What do you do when the past comes to haunt the future? When your present state of being torments you and you're not sure which way to turn? These are the questions Braillyn Brooks needs answers to.

As she learns of her ancestry on her mother's side, she feels drawn into the old ways. Yet, as a Christian, witchcraft is forbidden, even if her mother practiced once upon a time. While her mom, the small-town author and artist, has always been open about her past, she also warns Braillyn of its draw.

This had never been a question before "they" came. Never for a second had Braillyn questioned her faith in Jesus before she met the Enchanter. Now, however, all she has been brought up to believe and live is torn in two as she lives this life of love and blood.

What would you do when torn in two? Would you follow with faith blindly? Or allow the past to creep up to drag you back to your roots, no matter who may be hurt along the way?

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