C.L.C : The Wanderer in the Valley of Vision (A Poetic Prayer)

The Wanderer in the Valley of Vision (A Poetic Prayer)

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Children & Teens, Religion & Spirituality

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J.R.R Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, George Macdonald, John Bunyan

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January 29, 2014



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This poetic work was written and inspired by the author's walk with God. The author places himself in the imagery of one wandering in a valley that the Lord has put him in, and it is a valley where both rest and battle, discipline and pain, revelation and growing, victories and challenges, friends and enemies, reside. Whether you have a taste for poetry, allegory, and/or learning more about God the Father Creator King, you will be blessed reading the promises of God's blessing, sovereignty, healing, and power to the author's prayers for his future wife and the longing to remain pure and faithful till that time. Even though it is based on the author's experiences, readers for a taste of His Spirit, Love, and Creation will find eternal and priceless truths and prayers to apply to their lives as well.

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