Chris Thomason : Business Ideas for Business Growth

Business Ideas for Business Growth

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About the Book    About the Author

This book will show you one thing: How to identify sustainable growth opportunities for your business. Because when you have sustainable business growth – everything else falls into place.

You’ll find these opportunities through a process called Applied Business Creativity, which helps you to think about your business differently. It also breaks some of the conventional assumptions you probably have around creative thinking such as:

* Why what’s right for others is wrong for you * How it’s not about being innovative

* How good ideas aren’t actually ideas

* Why the question you ask is more important than the creative answers you seek, and

* Why you need to have a constrained approach instead of using blue-sky thinking

These may seem counter-intuitive, but this is what you need – fresh thinking around your business. If you need fresh thinking around practical ways to grow your business, then Business Ideas for Business Growth is the book for you.

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