Christa Hesselink : Sample: Intro & Chapter 1 of "Life's Great Dare"

Sample: Intro & Chapter 1 of "Life's Great Dare"

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Donald Miller, Shauna Niequist, Ann Voskamp, Allison Fallon, Bob Goff

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-This is a sample only: Introduction & Chapter One included. This book officially launches on March 31, 2016.


Ever feel stuck in personal patterns and emotions that limit you from experiencing a full and satisfying life? What if accepting a dare was the way to the love, joy and peace you crave? Life’s greatest dare is risky because it means giving up something comfortable in order for something new and better to emerge.

This is one woman’s story of saying, “yes” to the dare in the midst of the most traumatic and devastating circumstances. Of learning how personal transformation is the pathway to an abundantly full life.

This is a self-hope book more than a self-help book. It’s discovering that God isn’t transforming us to be perfect so he can love us more; he’s transforming us so that we can experience his love more perfectly. God is inviting you to accept life’s great dare to be transformed, and be free to experience love in extraordinary ways.

Editorial Reviews


"I can not recommend Life's Great Dare enough." - Ann Voskamp, NY Times Bestselling Author,

"You know that thing you’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, but you just keep putting off? Yes, that’s the one. That thing that just popped into your mind—the conversation, the trip, the move, the job. We all have something, but there are obstacles, invisible or otherwise, getting in our way. In this book, Christa will dare you, with grace and firmness and wisdom, to be brave and finally do it. After all, what are you waiting for, anyway?"

— Allison Fallon, Author of Packing Light,

"Life’s Great Dare unveils how God is willing to change us when we are willing to let him. Christa weaves her own powerful story of ongoing transformation together with immensely practical ways of finding radical freedom through risking our lives to God!"

— Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor of The Meeting House and Author of best-seller The End of Religion,

"When faced with pain, uncertainty or fear, we can become paralyzed, afraid to take the next step. But in this book, through her compelling reflections and moving personal story, Christa Hesselink points us to the real path toward the transformed life God calls us to: taking risks, moving forward, reaching out and opening up. Then we’ll find freedom and the courage to persevere, no matter what life brings. So, don’t play it safe. Follow Christa’s example. Go. Jump. Dare!"

— Michael Messenger, President, World Vision Canada,

"A helpful guide for anyone on the look out for the deeper waters of life. While we know that it may take a leap of faith, Christa reminds us that when in doubt, it’s always better to jump afraid than to never jump at all."

— Ali Raney, The Lovelocks,

"The future belongs to those who have nothing to lose. This is truth Christa Hesselink captures in this wonderfully written and personal book, Life’s Great Dare. Each page points toward the possibility of a life lived vulnerably, passionately and deeply with God. Christa’s personal journey is the mirror held up for all of us to see how life might be more adventure and less antiseptic. If you have ever wanted to live the faithful life with abandon, this is the book to read!"

— Gary V. Nelson, Author of Leading in DisOrienting Times,President, Tyndale University College and Seminary

"Some mountains are virtually impossible to climb without a trusted guide. Inner personal transformation is one of these mountains. Christa is one of these guides. Her compelling story, seasoned wisdom, and artful style will turn what may at first feel like a daunting task into a truly inspiring journey. I invite you to take “life’s great dare”, open your heart and join her on this upward path. The view that lies ahead is incredible!"

— Tim Day, Author of God Enters Stage Left,

"Christa has the wonderful ability to encourage and convict us in the same sentence. She beautifully uses biblical texts and personal stories, convincing us to submit and be transformed by a loving God and to take part in what she calls the ultimate double-dare. Whether bungee jumping in South Africa or walking the El Camino, her life is a true testament of what it means to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and with great conviction."

— Melinda Estabrooks, International Speaker, TV & Radio Host,

"Jump in! Life’s Great Dare is a challenge to embrace a fully engaged life. Christa is a persuasive friend along the journey, inviting us to live an abundant life. My hope is people far and wide are impacted by the message of this book!"

— Rich Birch,

"Life’s Great Dare is for anyone who has a little voice inside asking them to live a bigger, bolder, more adventurous life. Through story- telling and inspired words, this book equips you to pursue a path of personal transformation, and leaves you wanting to say YES to life’s great dare (and maybe even a few double-dares)!"

— Zoë Neuman, The Lovelocks,

"Life’s Great Dare will take you on a transformational journey! If you’re simply looking for information, this isn’t your book. But if you desire to experience freedom in encountering God’s love and following Jesus, you will want to read, and soak, in these compelling truths."

— Dr. Craig Sider, President, New York City Leadership Centre,

"Christa’s reflections on God’s movement in her life help us recognize God’s movement in ours. Pondering challenges, perplexities, and losses that she’s experienced, she invites us all to be more fully embraced by God’s love. Her blend of wit and wisdom, honesty and hopefulness, not to mention her wonderful way with words, will hearten you as it did me."

—Arthur Boers, Author of The Way is Made by Walking: A Pilgrimage Along the Camino de Santiago and Living into Focus: Choosing What Matters in an Age of Distraction,

"Christa has given us a deeply personal and gut-twistingly vulnerable work… in her words a “self-hope, not a self-help book”. And yet as she shows us over and over, it is not about the self at all. She takes us to the culturally unpopular places of sacrifice, suffering and surrender. Rich with stories from childhood, from the Gospel, and from last week, Christa reminds us powerfully of the joy available when we live with hands open and upturned, “ready to receive instead of living life with fists tightly clenched around things that give me the illusion of control”."

— Rick Cober Baumen, Executive Director, Mennonite Central Committee Ontario,

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