Christa Hesselink : Book Club Workbook for Life's Great Dare

Book Club Workbook for Life's Great Dare

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Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement

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Donald Miller, Shauna Niequist, Ann Voskamp, Allison Fallon, Bob Goff

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28 pages

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June 20, 2016



About the Book    About the Author

I don’t know about you, but sometimes workbooks and study guides can feel more like a chore to finish than a life-giving set of activities to help me on my way.

This is NOT one of those books.

The workbook is like having a menu of “add-ons” as you feast on the main meal of reading Life's Great Dare: Risking It All for the Abundant Life. Each part has 10 separate activities to chew on.

The workbook can be used on your own, or as a small group in a Book Club format.

I’m not sure what “toppings” you’ll feel like trying out from week to week – maybe you’re famished and craving a deep dive into it all, or you’re feeling like something on the lighter side.

There is no wrong way to do this. Pick what works for you. Leave what doesn’t.

All I ask is that you’re open to trying something new. Get a taste for some of the activities and content, even if it’s your first time!

There are 5 sections to this workbook designed to cover the book content of Life’s Great Dare in 4-5 weeks. Of course, you can take it as fast or as slow as you’d like.

· Week One: Chapters 1-4 (pgs. 1-50)

· Week Two: Chapters 5-8 (pgs. 51-92)

· Week Three: Chapters 9-11 (pgs. 93-128

· Week Four: Chapters 12-15 (pgs. 129-157)

· NOW WHAT?: Afterword: Love2Love (pgs. 159-160)

This is your own journey to embracing life’s great dare and these activities are meant support you on your way! Enjoy!

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