Chris Matallana : The Girl Inventor - Part I

The Girl Inventor - Part I

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At age 14, Beatrix Somerset is already an accomplished inventor, having filled both her room and underground Workshop with her inventions. But her life changes after creating the Animator, a handheld device that brings her teddy bear to life and under her control. After revealing the device's power to a group of university professors and students, she is approached by the Order of the Legendaries, a secretive, centuries old group who reveals they'd come to find her. Dedicated to the betterment of humanity, the Order wants to train Beatrix in cultivating her Spark, which they explain is the source of her immense inventing capabilities.

But the Order is in the midst of an ever-growing conflict with the Guild of Advancement, a splinter group that believes the best way to help the world is to rule it. Beatrix soon finds herself, her Spark, and the Animator in the midst of this conflict, and will have to decide where she belongs. An adventure story written in lush prose, The Girl Inventor is a spellbinding exploration of how we interact with our thoughts, the world, and the places they intersect.

This download features the entirety of Part I of the book. <b style="font-size: 14px;">NO TIPS PLEASE! </b>If you like what you read, you can download the rest of the book by visiting . You will find links for several different formats. While you're there, take a look around at the site!

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