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Frequent Flyer Master

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Go anywhere, anytime: the "nearly free travel" revolution has arrived. Every year, tends of thousands of new and experienced travelers are setting out to see the world, often in style—and without breaking the bank. Bestselling author Chris Guillebeau used these secrets to visit every country in the world (193/193) by his 35th birthday. This guide and the accompanying email series can help you travel as often as you want, no matter your budget. Now boarding all zones!

Editorial Reviews

"I bought Frequent Flyer Master and within a month, I had earned 50,000 miles. A few months later I had around 400,000 miles - all without flying. It was perfect timing because I was already planning to quit my job and embark on a six month adventure trip in Southeast Asia. Since then I've accumulated more than a million miles and my six month adventure extended to 2+ years. I'm still traveling, still earning miles and still having a lot of fun." - Anna Zalazar

"I received 145,000 frequent flier miles as a function of this frequent flyer deal, and I have booked one return long-haul airfare ticket in business class, as well as a domestic flight. For the $1,200 I spent, I received almost $9,000 in flights." - Nora Dunn

"Everything I've learned about frequent flier miles and other travel hacks, I learned from Chris Guillebeau. Frequent Flyer Master is a detailed manifesto that will put you on the fast track to becoming a travel expert yourself, giving you all the insider tips and travel hacks to get the better of the airlines, find the best deals, and use Frequent Flyer miles to travel anywhere in the world nearly for free!" - Cody McKibben

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