Chris Backe : 3 Days in Bangkok

3 Days in Bangkok

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Make the most of your time in Bangkok, Thailand!

Southeast Asia's most dynamic city has plenty to see and do - much more than you can hope to see in a few days. Ask yourself: do you really want to go to the same touristy places as everyone else? Or would you rather return home with some unique stories to tell and some awesome pictures to brag about? One Weird Globe guides are your key to enjoying a city or area.

Don't go to the same touristy places as everyone else! Instead, get off the beaten path and head to some awesome places most tourists have never heard of.

A few highlights in this itinerary:

~ The Amulet Market most tourists never stop to see

~ The medical museum full of oddities

~ The three BEST local markets to shop at (one of which recently moved to a new location)

~ A museum focused around... Batman?

~ The temple in the shape of a boat

And plenty more.

This itinerary:

More touristy _______________|_______ More offbeat

About One Weird Globe itineraries: One Weird Globe itineraries offer an unbiased look at a city or area/province. You get recommendations to what to see and do, where to eat, where to sleep, and most importantly, how to get there. Clear directions and GPS coordinates get you there, while offering enough time and flexibility if you change your plans.

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