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Chris Backe is a travel blogger, author, and photographer. His blog, One Weird Globe ( has over 1,500 posts, and focuses on oddball travel destinations and life as an expat. He makes it a point to visit at least one new place every week - and the weirder it is, the better!

Born near Chicago, Illinois, Chris has called Asia home since March 2008. He has traveled to every province and major city of South Korea, many of them multiple times, and is currently traveling around Thailand. He is married, and enjoys swing dancing when he gets the chance.

His writings and photographs have appeared in the Groove Korea Magazine, 10 Magazine, WorknPlay Magazine, the Korea Herald, the Korea Times, and has contributed guest posts to foXnoMad, the Professional Hobo,, Nomadic Chick, and the Travel Writers Exchange.

Chris's next big book will be about the oddball and bizarre destinations found around Thailand, currently being researched and tentatively scheduled for April 2015.