Chelsea Rotunno : Goodnight to My Thoughts of You

Goodnight to My Thoughts of You

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Children & Teens, Religion & Spirituality

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Elisabeth Elliot, C. S. Lewis, Stephenie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, Shauna Niequist

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April, 2014



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When Miriam Bernhardt, a 17-year-old high school girl from Burbank, California, falls in love with her youth leader at church, Paul Greer, she decides that it is God's will that she will someday be Paul's wife. She's ecstatic when a perfectly pure but secretive relationship quickly develops--until her mom threatens to tell the church pastor that Miriam and Paul have been secretly dating.

Paul chooses to end the relationship, and Miriam is crushed. Will Paul want her back when she is 18? Can she ever forgive her mom for ruining her chances with Paul? Will Miriam ever find true love again?Goodnight to My Thoughts of You is a coming of age story about spiritual attraction, true beauty, self-worth, and God's faithfulness. It includes discussion questions designed for a 12-week book club.

Editorial Reviews

“I learned so much from this book. I really, REALLY love it! Can’t wait for the second book! I’m not a youth leader, but I’m an 18-year-old girl who really appreciates this kind of book =)!” –Andrea

“A fantastic read! … It’s interesting to see the coming-of-age journey Miriam goes through, what with her love of Paul and her later relationship with Charlie ... :D In the end, it was a great read with good values and messages, and I’d recommend to all, even those who aren’t very religious.” – Kay

"I have lost sleep with this book! I loved it!!! ... It is such a clear reveal of a teen girl’s heart and mind, and what the consequences will be for those decisions that so many girls have to make." –Aimee

"I loved the book!!! ... I couldn’t stop reading. I almost finished the Paul section in one sitting ... Your book gave me a new appreciation of what’s going on in the youth culture." –Dr. Emily Griesinger, Professor of English, Azusa Pacific University

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