Charmaine Gordon : Preview River's Edge Trio, Volume 2 by Charmaine Gordon

Preview River's Edge Trio, Volume 2 by Charmaine Gordon

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Please enjoy this free 4 chapter each preview of Charmaine Gordon's River's Edge Trio, Volume 2, with Breaking New Ground, Bridging the Gap, and Spreading Her Wings.

River’s Edge where Kindness to Strangers is the Motto... Wouldn't you love to live where neighbors look out for each other, where children play outside without fear and no elaborate play dates have to be arranged. I sure would. Like the good old times where widows weren't widowed very long because friends were busy match making. And neighbors made soup for the ailing sick friends at home. A place to call home reminding me days gone by brought River’s Edge to this author’s mind and creative juices flowed. Add pets to the mix and what do you have? A homey portion of Americana where anything is possible. Three River's Edge Stories in one volume!

Breaking New Ground

River's Edge comes together to protect Celia Brown's property when the CEO of a major construction company claims a part of her property... and he has no idea who he is messing with. The elderly widow and her six year old granddaughter prepare for battle. Romance, suspense, and more.

Bridging the Gap

Anna Youngblood and James Chandler have problems. His little daughter overheard his ex say she never wanted kids; Anna must make amends for breaking rules of her tribe; he has a serious concussion... and she’s pregnant. Can this couple find happiness in River’s Edge?

Spreading Her Wings

Kindness to Strangers in River’s Edge rubs off on all who live there. Sally Kirkwood responds to an emergency call from a friend one early morning. A daughter is missing and with Sally’s skill as a reporter, she finds her at an audition in NYC. Thus begins an adventure of show business, unfaithfulness, forgiveness and success.

Editorial Reviews

“Charmaine Gordon writes charming stories filled with love!” - Bestselling author of Playing For Keeps, Liz Matis

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