Charlotte Rains Dixon : Set The Words Free

Set The Words Free

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Set The Words Free, Ideas, Advice and Guidance for Smashing Writer's Block does just what the title promises.

When first you begin to write, or commit to a new writing project, the experience feels like a grand adventure. You set off on the writer's path with your backpack full of ideas and notes. Everything along the way looks new and different. The world is exciting and full of promise and you feel like you've fallen in love with everything in it.

But as you walk onward, the path begins to curve uphill and the flush of the new wears off. Now the writing flow ebbs. Suddenly, the process that was once fresh and joyous is difficult. And may encounter one or more of the dreaded writing bogs.

But fear not, because help is at hand. This workbook is designed to help you face every obstacle you may find along the writing path. Consider it your trail guide, full of ideas and exercises to pull you out of those awful writing bogs.

It is your key to setting the words free!

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