Charity Parkerson : The Informant

The Informant

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance

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Julie Garwood, Avril Ashton, Vi Keeland, Lori Foster, J.R. Ward

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Everything was different before him. After surviving a kidnapping, Catriona finds her life doesn't fit her any longer. Thefuture she'd been planning was too foreign for her to handle. There's no one who truly understands how the noise of the world is too much now. They want her to move on so they can. Seeking solace and answers, Catriona travels to Scotland hoping to learn more about the man who kept her locked away. Instead of the peace she hopes to find, Catriona uncovers a secret that could get her killed. The Informant is part of Charity Parkerson's

"Safe Haven" series, but is a stand-alone book. It's also one of the first books ever written by this award winning author.

Editorial Reviews

Safe Haven series Voted #1 by readers in "Sexy Men in Uniform"~ Goodreads Listopia "Parkerson's characters are good-hearted, romantic, sexy and funny"--EdenMary Black "A modern love, flawed in its brilliance."--Ben Ditmars, American Poet

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