C.D. Samuda : The Scent of You

The Scent of You

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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Kathryn Croft, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele

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Yorkside Press

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April 18, 2018



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When Leah Brooks saved Quinn Harrison’s life, she wasn’t expecting anything in return. A good Samaritan by nature, she leads a quiet life as a wedding planner. Quinn is the epitome of the town philanderer. He isn’t ready for a serious relationship. A billionaire with everything to lose, even his own life, must decide if his obsession with the woman who saved him is worth giving up his womanizing ways. Who wants the billionaire business executive dead, and why?Find out in this thrilling romantic suspense about two souls destined to fall in love. If you love romance with a little danger and intrigue, you will enjoy this interracial billionaire romance.

Editorial Reviews

"The scent of you is a great romance with a woman who can stand on her own two feet (most of the time) who saves our sexy man's life. whatever can he do to repay her? Steamy, fun and made me want to buy some flowers. If you like a sexy lady trying to decide how to handle a smitten billionaire then you'll like this one a lot." - Kody1981 (Amazon Reviewer)

"How do you repay someone who saves your life! Leah is a strong woman who can make it in the world on her own. Now she has Quinn who is quite taken by our heroine but he is not a one woman's man or is he? Can these two build a solid relationship given Quinn's womanizing ways?" - Merry Jelks-Emmanual (Mazon Reviewer)

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