Cathryn Grant : Flash Fiction for the Cocktail Hour - Volume 1

Flash Fiction for the Cocktail Hour - Volume 1

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35 pages




D2C Perspectives

Publication Date

August 16, 2011



About the Book    About the Author

For a taste of Suburban Noir -- a collection of eleven Flash Fiction stories that will make you shiver and sometimes look over your shoulder.

Like a shot of vodka or scotch, flash fiction is a quick hit to the brain at the end of the day, a startling peek into another's life. You can think of it as an alternative to a martini.

This collection includes: Love Is Blind, Sitting With the Dead, and nine other flash fiction stories (approximately 30 pages). In addition, this ebook includes the prologue and first three chapters of Cathryn Grant's novel, THE DEMISE OF THE SOCCER MOMS.

Editorial Reviews

"Very interesting, in the noir genre, worth the read and well written. I was looking for horror and some of these stories are on the verge but each of them is just interesting enough to warrant the read...especially at the low price. I look forward to more from this author."

"I was delightfully surprised by these well-crafted and tightly plotted super-short stories. The fright is subtle, but it's there -- and in some stories, like Superior and Sitting with the Dead, persuasive. Apparently, it's a new genre of "suburban noir," and I'll be seeking more of it from this author. (Also, I feel that these short length books are perfect for e-reading.)"

"Grant creates scenarios that set up endings in quite often clever and unpredictable fashion. Particularly clever are 'Sitting With the Dead' and 'Superior.' Building suspense is difficult given the inherent limitations of flash fiction, but Grant demonstrates mastery with 'Work After Dark.' If you're a fan of micro or flash fiction, Grant's 'Flash Fiction for the Cocktail Hour' is well worth your time."

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