Cary Allen Stone : Mind Over Murder – A Jake Roberts Novel

Mind Over Murder – A Jake Roberts Novel

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Print Length

348 pages


ISBN-13: 978-1495402005


Fine Line Books

Publication Date

2012/Revised 2015



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Serial killer Lori Powers escaped capture and fled to Europe. After five years, Interpol found her and returns her to the US. Homicide detective Jake Roberts and FBI profiler Mika Scott accept custody of Lori. It's a moment that both law enforcement officers have been waiting for, each having different reasons why. Lori was at one time Jake's lover. And for Mika it was the end of a long nightmare. But Jake is being stalked by another serial killer––Jared Hamilton. To capture him, Jake breaks all of the rules and helps Lori escape from prison. Does Lori know Jared and are the two serial killers plotting to kill Jake? Will Lori escape again? Not your average serial killer story, Mind Over Murder is the perfect serial killer read!

Editorial Reviews

5–Stars “MIND OVER MURDER – A Jake Roberts
Novel” By Veritas Vincit “Bill”

Non-Stop Suspense and Psychological
Thrills! I wasn't sure how Stone was going to
follow up the first Jake Roberts novel, particularly when it was such a strong
start, but between Lori Powers and this increasingly charming and addictive
protagonist, Mind Over Murder more than delivered. There was a certain element
of Hannibal Lector meets Sherlock feel to the interactions between characters;
everyone wants something, and everyone thinks they are smarter than everyone
else. It's amusing and attention holding, but also makes for extremely intense
moments of literary brilliance. I think Stone does this best with Lori Powers,
who is like an endless onion of unpredictability; every layer you peel back is
a new adventure and challenge. Working one's way into the mind of a serial
killer is a trying obstacle for many writers, but doing it so well, and
doubling the stakes by shaping the plot around a second murderer showed
ambition and chutzpah of a much more experienced author. I had a feeling this
second book was going to stumble, as so many do, but Stone went above and
beyond my expectations and pushed the boundaries of Jake in shocking ways. I
can't imagine how he'll handle the next installment. Be prepared for a truly
jaw-dropping ending!

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