Cary Allen Stone : After the Kill – A Jake Roberts Novel

After the Kill – A Jake Roberts Novel

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Suspense, Fiction

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318 pages


ISBN-13: 978-1515398561


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A terrorist enters Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. His van has enough explosives to bring the terminal down. As Jake Roberts watches Caitland’s flight depart, desperate alerts are made to evacuate the airport. Jake runs to assist the airport police. He learns his best friend, an airline pilot, has been shot twice. Will he be able to rescue him? Mackenzy specializes in serial killers. On a research grant, she works with those confined in Broadmoor Hospital in England. She has a surprise for the most dangerous one. When she returns to San Francisco, will she apply what she learned? In Malibu, Caitland hosts a party for her A-list clients. After the party, Caitland is alone in the house, except for an intruder waiting in the dark. The Malibu police call Jake about an incident at his home. He’s told the “West Koast Killer” is stalking him. Jake goes outside the law to kill the stalker and asks a gang leader he knows to help. They capture the stalker and drive far into the desert late at night. Will Jake pull the trigger?

Editorial Reviews

5–STARS Entire Series Became Personal Favorites for This Reader...

By Glenda on
January 9, 2016

begins his fourth explosive novel by honing in on the plight of soldiers who
come home from war... Many in the United States are quick to point out
atrocious behavior in other countries and cry out for action--starting by
sending American troops into enemy territory! War is profitable--it is easy to
declare action be taken...But America does not take care of those whose lives
they've destroyed by sending them into battle... Eric Sutherland was just one
of those soldiers who had come home and finally cried out for help in the only
way he felt could make his point... he covered his body with explosives and
headed for an airport...

Fred and
Jake were both involved in the attempt to set off a bomb at the airport. Fred
Campbell, a good friend of Jake's had been hurt, being the first man trying to
stop Sutherland... Then Jake went into action... using his uncanny intelligence
and guts to stop the situation...But that was just a test trial for what was
yet to come...

and Jake were both busy with their respective jobs. Jake was consulting on a
movie and Caitland was planning a party for all of her clients...

another individual was studying and becoming an expert in forensics psychology
and was already a well known consultant in this important field. The
consultant's greatest desire was to get to know, to understand them, including
our Series' beautiful Lori, and not just from textbooks. She received an
opportunity to visit and study...and meet... some of the most dangerous of
these serial killers... After she met one in particular, she came back home and
started planning for her first. Knowing Lori was still in jail, of course,
Jake's death would be an important addition to her...list... She had learned so
much...and her choice of murder would change based upon the various methods
she'd learned directly from the "horses' mouths" you could say...

As was
mentioned earlier, the emphasis of the series is Jake Roberts on the
Hunt...Readers know this last killer and read of the devastating acts she
performs. By this point in the book I was expecting the ending, still hoping it
would not be what happens... Is it really the end of the series?

For me,
there is no better way to express my highest recommendation for a book(s) than
to wish that there will be a continuation of the characters I've come to know.
Once in a while, an author speaks out on issues that are important to me and
they become a new Favorite Author... Cary Allen Stone has struck that chord for
me. I'm always amazed that I have little if any knowledge of the authors or
story lines for books I agree to review and yet, I continue to find such gems!
And these four books have become my first personal favorites for 2016!

'Nuf Said!

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