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Carol is a passionate and dedicated trainer, facilitator and lecturer, who works in corporate environments as well as in skills and University training. She has more than fifteen years of training experience in these varied contexts. Carol has trained meditation techniques and practiced meditation for around fourteen years. Life adventures have taken Carol on journeys to India, where she attended Buddhist teaching, and Thailand, where she had exposure to Vipassana meditation practices. She has had meditation training from various monks in contexts both abroad and in South Africa. In growing her passion to help and share with people and to act as a catalyst for positive change, she is venturing into the online training and publishing context. The primary focus to start will be on Stress Reduction and Meaning and Mindfulness training. Carol has a Master’s degree in Education Cum Laude and formal training from the Zur Institute – Innovative Resources & Online Continuing Education - Certificate - Mindfulness and Meditation in Psychotherapeutic Practice, as well as an Introduction to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from eMindful - Evidence based mind body wellness. She has also had introductory training in Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy from the University of South Africa - Centre for Applied Psychology. Carol would like to welcome you to join her on this journey.