Candace Lafleur : Prescription for Disaster: The Pre Op

Prescription for Disaster: The Pre Op

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Health, Humor

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Sophie Kinsella, Miranda Hart, Helen Fielding

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10,310 words

Publication Date

August 16, 2015



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Whoever said being a patient was boring?

Laugh along with this sneak peak at Prescription for Disaster: The funny side of falling apart and have a good howl at the truly hysterical side of being ridiculously diseased. A sweater x-ray exorcism, awkward MRI, bed pan disasters, hospital bed hostages and falling off an airplane - the perfect book for those in need of a good laugh in a tough situation.

So download the pre-op, sit back, take a hit off your oxygen tank and get ready to laugh at the funny side of falling apart - you'll never look at an IV pole or a bedpan the same way again!

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