Organic Connections : The Calmful Holidays Book

The Calmful Holidays Book

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Kathryn Weber, Andrea Liddon, Kathryn Budig

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Organic Connections, Natural Vitality’s journal of calmful living, introduces its newest eBook:

The Calmful Holidays Book.

Inside, you’ll find gorgeous images, recipes, and lots of calmful tips and expert advice. And the best part about this book? You won’t find the expected. Why should you, when these days anything goes for the holidays? Old traditions can blend with new, or you can simply reinvent what the holidays mean to you. In our latest eBook you’ll discover new ways to celebrate or just relax around the holidays, like feng shui holiday decorating and a music list that is far from the classics but still brings a warm vibe to any room.

The Calmful Holidays Book will help you enjoy calm, conscious holidays, with

· 5 not-so-typical holiday recipes;

· easy yoga poses for digestion, energy and calm;

· a mineral for promoting calm;

· a calm approach to mindfulness;

· the coolest holiday decorating, ever.

It’s all part of Natural Vitality’s philosophy to invite people to freely share the experience of calmful living.

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