Caleb Gave Mathis : I Repent:  A Journey Into The Heart

I Repent: A Journey Into The Heart

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Religion & Spirituality, Travel & Adventure

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Donald Miller, C.S. Lewis, Jack Kerouac, J.D. Salinger

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Westbow Press

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The scriptures repeatedly admonish believers to repent - to change the way they think and act. Having grown up in the church, Caleb Gave Mathis was familiar with the word "repentance," but not necessarily with its practice. A summer road trip would change all that. Part travel memoir, part personal treatise of faith, this is the sound of a Christ-believing boy straining to grown into a Christ-following man. Each stop along the road trip's route revealed a new lesson, another area in which God was demanding repentance. What started as an adventure into the American heartland ended as a voyage into a place infinitely more exotic, beautiful, and dangerous: the human heart. How does a life change? One mile at a time.

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