John West : Burning Roses - Part 1

Burning Roses - Part 1

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Suspense, Romance

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Dark fiction (and some non-fiction), Chuck Palahniuk, Thomas Harris, Robert Kiyosaki

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A decadent tale of sex, drugs, rock n roll & magick

John doesn’t give a fuck. About anything. He just wants to drink, play pool and watch his favourite bands in Johannesburg’s metal clubs. Until a private investigator hires him to find a missing girl, and he stumbles into a twisted conspiracy of magickal forces battling to decide the fate of the human race. Who is the horned demon following him from one bar to the next? Why are shadowy cult members stalking his every move? Can he find the girl before they do? Has he fallen under her spell? Does she have her own twisted agenda? Can he hang onto his sanity? Even his life? Will any of this cut into his drinking time?<br><br>Combining music, magick, mayhem & murder, this work of fiction is set against the real rock n roll underworld of 1980s Hillbrow, the heavy metal heart of Johannesburg. A humble tribute to the lost generation, to those of us who survived, and to the fallen heroes who live on in our hearts.

Editorial Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars. There's dark, and there's twisted. Then there's Burning Roses...

Brilliant first novel. Sex magick rituals in nightclubs. Ancient demons in the mosh pit. Dozens of easter eggs, hilarious subtle references to song lyrics and dead musicians, that had me snorting coffee out my nose.

If this is how people lived in the 80s, I'm surprised anyone survived. But I'm glad they did. And that they came back to tell us how.

Can't wait for another book from this dude.

4.0 out of 5 stars. Well written.

A really good story that brings back many memories of jolling in Joburg Central in the early 90's. Enjoyable reading from beginning to end.

5.0 out of 5 stars. A great read for those wanting to reminisce about the old days.

Having spent my youth in similar surrounds, John captures the essence of Hillbrow, Johannesburg superbly! A great read for those wanting to reminisce about the old days!

5.0 out of 5 stars. Loved it.

Loved it. A decadent tale of sex, drugs, rock n roll & magick, and it lived up to the promise on the cover. Highly recommended.

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