John West : Anthology of Snippets

Anthology of Snippets

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Humor, Fiction & Literature

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Dark fiction (and some non-fiction), Chuck Palahniuk, Thomas Harris, Robert Kiyosaki

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At weekly writers meetings, prompts and exercises are often thrown out at random. Aspiring writers are expected to be able to write something appropriate at the drop of a hat. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes the exercise spawns a semi-decent idea, which can be tweaked and prodded into pretending it's a real story.

These aren't those.

These are the ones that were left bleeding on the floor of the operating theatre. They are not full stories. Just bits of scenes. Paragraphs. Snippets.

Most writers leave these tucked away in private notebooks. That's probably where they belong. But on the off-chance anyone wants to peek inside the mind of an aspiring writer to see how ideas develop, and often die, here's your chance.

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