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Donald Miller, Francis Chan, Kyle Idleman

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Before the beginning, there is a beginning to the beginning;

there is an origin of the idea.

The idea is at the mercy of three categories of thinkers. These are the Dos, the Don’ts, and the Dazed.

The Dos are those who believe. I am referring not just to those who believe in a God but also to those who just have a belief in an idea or something else.

The Don’ts are those who do not believe, and they struggle to not agree with the Dos. They find their belief impossible to be true or unworthy of their attention.

Lastly, the Dazed are those who don’t know if they are Dos or Don’ts. They are neither hot nor cold and are essentially lukewarm. I wrote this book with you in mind.

Editorial Reviews

Blair Beigert Anderson - "It’s about not riding the fence in life. About choosing to boldly believe what you believe."

Vicky Boggs Snyder - "Don’t be lukewarm. Make a choice to be all in and do it (follow through)!"

Valorie MacDonald - "Digging roots down deep, establishing a foundation upon which to build rather than surface living…SO then we will not indeed get stuck in lukewarm living."

Sally Harriman Gideon - "Be all in with God! On fire, not lukewarm."

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