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About the Author

Hi, my name is Britt Malka and I'm addicted to writing.

Ever since I was a small child, I've been writing. Big letters first with chalk on a blackboard. Later I got a plastic typewriter. And after a few joyful months learning touch-typing I got my first real typewriter. Manual. Not electric.

I write non-fiction that aims to help others with different tasks, like writing, selling and explaining stuff. And I write fiction because I love to tell some of the stories I come up with.

In my spare time I play World of Warcraft, mostly for the PvP (insiders will know), but making gold is fun, too.

I live in Israel with my husband, a somewhat overweight Siamese cat called Frostie and a talkative Shikoku puppy called Nefnef. Our son is living not far from us.