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Children & Teens, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Suzanne Collins, Ally Condie, Veronica Roth, James Dashner, Cassandra Clare

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264 pages




Delirious Pixie

Publication Date

15 March 2016



About the Book    About the Author

My name is Andrea Christensen. I'm one of the oldest oldest people in the world.

SCHISM is the first book in a new YA dystopian trilogy that tells a tale of survival and constructing a future with only memories of childhood.

In 2017, a global viral holocaust kills billions within weeks; only children are immune. Alone, they must struggle to survive the ensuing chaos. Five years later, Andy Christensen and her two friends travel across the country searching for a safe place to live, but nowhere, it seems, is capable of resurrection.

Editorial Reviews

“This apocalyptic teen drama’s character interactions may draw readers in, but its vigorous story will keep them hooked.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“Below the surface of the story is a much deeper examination of human nature...and this makes the book truly fascinating. 5 Stars” ~ Foreword Reviews

“Stands out from its influences and has something striking to say about the nature of humanity through teenage eyes...a smooth
read from start to finish. 5 Stars.” ~ Self-Publishing Review

“An engrossing page turner that skillfully deals with dark subject matter in a compelling, thought-provoking manner. 4.5 out of 5 Stars.” ~ IndieReader

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